About CamperCartel

CamperCartel is a website you may not know a lot about. Firstly, we’re only a few years old and secondly we don’t own our own cars and have them driving around with our CamperCartel logo on them. Instead we are a New Zealand based discount car rental booking service operated by one of the world’s leading car rental brokers.

This is how it all works:

  1. You do a search on our site and all these fantasitic deals come up for a variety of international and local car companies
  2. You then select the car you want and when it is confirmed we send you a confirmation.
  3. You pick up the rental and have a hassle-free rental experience in a great car.

That’s it! Seriously it doesn’t need to be any harder than that


Our security policy

Our secure booking server uses 128 bit encryption which ensures the highest levels of security. This is shown by the padlock in the closed position at the base of your browser screen. Any information, including credit card details, that you enter and submit on this page will be encrypted and securely transmitted. When you transaction is complete your information is stored in an encrypted state.


Our privacy policy

The privacy of your information is of the utmost importance to us. To complete your booking we need your personal details including your address, phone number and credit card number. In order to process the booking, we may in some instances pass all or some of this information on to our vehicle rental suppliers. It is done so through a password protected and encrypted secure booking page. When you book we ask you whether you are interested in receiving further offers from us. If you decline, we will not email you with such offers. We also always give you the opportunity to unsubscribe and opt out of receiving these emails. We treat your details as confidential and we NEVER disclose your information to third parties other than the supplier who is fulfilling your rental. This website is owned and operated by Travel Cartel Ltd, a specialist in worldwide car, campervan and cruise distribution. Our office is based at Level 1/12 Princess Street Christchurch, New Zealand. Thank you for booking with us.